Sunday, July 18, 2010

And So It Begins

One of the draws to our new home when we were house hunting was the size of the back yard. It was left for so long, it was a shamble but we had a dream and that dream was chickens. It took us seven months, but we captured that dream!
With the help of a fellow Moss Street Market vendor, Evelyn of Terra Nossa Farm we now have 4 beautiful brown chickens whom we love and adore!

Terra Nossa farm is a beautiful all organic family run farm on 26 acres in Mill Bay. They raise pigs and turkeys and chickens oh my.

Before picking up our new lady friends we were lucky enough to get a tour of their farm and now 4 chickens seems too few and our yard that was huge now just doesn't seem to be enough. Oh the grass is always greener.

This husky is one of their next door neighbours, who raise and raise their own sled dog team! I have always always wanted a husky and was drooling over them as they drooled over the chicks.

More on our 4 new friends comming soon,


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